Friday, March 7, 2008

Sigur Ros Takes Over YouTube!

If you have taken a look at YouTube today you'll notice something a bit unusual. Our Icelandic friends Sigur Ros have basically taken over.

The band becomes the first to ever release a full length movie on the sight and have all twelve slots on the home page to themselves. Heima will stream in full all day long.

No one would ever believe Sigur Ros to become much more popular than they already are, but I imagine that their are a lot of Fall Out Boy fans that have a new favorite band today. See the movie below.

This from their website:

this friday, march the 7th, sigur rós will be taking over the front page of youtube for the day. the band will take over all twelve slots on the sites home page and the centrepiece of this will be “heima” in full. this is the first time a full-length music documentary is available to view on youtube.

aswell as “heima”, the ten best entries of the “minn heima” youtube / sigur rós competition will be shown on the home page in addition to a special message from the band themselves.

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