Thursday, March 13, 2008

Portishead Third Song Stream - The Rip

Ten years we have waited. And now the wait is just about over.

We don't have our hands on Portishead's third studio record, Third, just yet, but we have listened to this song, "The Rip" and yeah, we kinda like it.

It opens like a classic Portishead song with the haunting swirls that we have certainly heard before. But suddenly it becomes stripped down to a plucking guitar that reminds us of singer Beth Gibbons work with Rustin Man (Paul Webb). Gibbons vocals sound, as always, dreary yet somehow beautiful and refreshing. But just as we become comfortable with this new mellower Portishead accompanied by trademark Gibbons, they change again, adding some synth that feels less Portishead-y than it should. Yet seconds in we are won over again as we think twice...Yes. This. Is. Portishead.

If only we had the full length.

Give it a listen over at Prefix.

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