Sunday, March 2, 2008

February Band of the Month

Each month we will post our current favorite band for the present month (we are a few days off this month). It will be based on opinion. Strictly opinion and growth of said opinion. For Example, Radiohead are always held in high regard here at Musicolgy nyc, so even though they were very active this month and In Rainbows is still playing away like crazy, it will be very difficult for them to win a band of the month award because it would be nearly impossible for us to love them anymore than we do.

It was a difficult month to decide on a winner once again. Phosphorescent was a contender after a live show had us diving into their current record. Another competitor was Cloud Cult, as news of their new album and song had us digging deep through their wonderful discography. If we could have scored a copy of this Grand Archives record they probably would have had a better chance.

Ultimately it became very clear who our winner should be. Quite simply they blew our mind at the Mercury Lounge a couple weeks back and we haven't stopped thinking of them yet.

Our congratulations and thanks goes to (another) Frenchkiss Records band, the Big Sleep! The bands new record Sleep Forever was released and has created quite a stir. If you have never seen this band live, it is your fault. Do it now.

Congratulations again to the Big Sleep!

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