Friday, October 31, 2008

Free Tickets to No Age and Titus Andronicus at Santos Party House November 9, 2008

This looks amazing. Two of the years best albums on one stage. No Age and Titus Andronicus at Santos Party House November 9, 2008.

Get tickets here. After "purchasing", "You will receive a confirmation email that your name (plus one) will be on the guest list", and "PLEASE NOTE: Admittance to the show is subject to capacity."

Via BV.

New Coldplay Video "Lovers in Japan" (youtube) available for free download in the US via iTunes

Coldplay - "Lovers in Japan". Download it at iTunes.

Via email:

Hello again. We're pleased to announce that the new video for LoversIn Japan
will be premiering on iTunes stores around the world today(Friday). What's more,
folks in the US of A will be able to downloadit free of charge for a week. The
video was made by Mat Whitecross inLondon. It's based on the new Osaka Sun mix
of the song and featuresfireworks, butterflies and Guy on a trapeze.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jackson 5 Reuniting

Jermaine Jackson broke the news to the NYT.

The Jackson 5, above in 1972, will be getting back together, not in a court
of law, at an intervention or on the set of Jerry
, but in a series of concerts, Jermaine Jackson said, according to
Agence France-Presse. At an event for the Multi Channel Network in Sydney,
Australia, Mr. Jackson, the third-oldest sibling, said that the R&B family
would reunite next year for a world tour that would include his superstar
brother, Michael, as well as his younger sister Janet. “This has been a long
time coming for the Jackson family to get back together,” Mr. Jackson said,
according to the news agency. “It is just the timing, so what we’ve been doing
is working on the music and all the logistics.” No tour dates have been

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Amanda Palmer - "Oasis" Video via Pitchfork TV

Well, the song shouldn't be funny, but it is. Same with the video. Watch "Oasis" below by Miss Amanda Palmer.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daniel Martin Moore on World Cafe

Sub Pop's old fashioned find Daniel Martin Moore plays some of his folk inspired tunes. To listen click here.

Set List
"It's You"
"That'll Be the Plan"

Guns N Roses - Chinese Democracy

Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses

Dan Black - "Yours" Video (Youtube) and free download

This tune called "Yours" from Dan Black is gonna be on at the next party I throw. Look for a debut for him in 2009.

Also download his mash up of "HYPNTZ" here.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hurricane Chris, K’Naan, Bun B and Q-Tip, Cypher at BET awards

K'naan was great at APW and we always love Q-Tip. Worth watching these guys at work.

A Special Halloween Show Presented by Galapagos Art Space

Sorry for this being last minute, but I have been swamped with CMJ business. For a good cause:

Join Rachel, Saturday October 25th at 3:00 pm, as she presents her new
show, Rachel's Homemade World. With a flowery set made by her Mom, Rachel will
share some of her favorite activities such as audience sing alongs, puppet
shows, interactive arts and crafts, environmental messages, and cooking segments
complete with snack time!
Arts and Crafts goodies supplied!! So be
ready to get creative!!
Rachel's show encourages kids to think and act
independently while exploring new and creative outlets. Perfect for Galapagos
visitors of all ages.
The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players have been
touring the world with their colorful songs based on old slideshows found at
yard sales and thrift shops. Tina and Jason Trachtenburg, along with their
fourteen-year-old daughter Rachel, put on a show complete with slideshows and
organic cooking lessons. With Dad on guitar and keys, Rachel on drums, and Mom
running the projector, this family that plays together offers an exciting and
homespun experience.
Now they're mixing it up for Galapagos and the Kids of
DUMBO and beyond!!Tickets available here .

Kicking and Streaming: The Cure - "4:13 Dream" streaming for free at the bands myspace

The Cure are back with 4:13 Dream. You can listen to the entire album at their myspace.

CMJ in Full Force - Friendly Fires Highlight the week!

My first go at CMJ has brought many things, one thing it hasn't brought is sleep. I finally caught up on some this morning. One thing that it has brought is the realization that UK band Friendly Fires are the next breakout band. We caught them at the Annex and were blown away. For a glimpse of they're antics, watch below:

Another realization is that Jay Reatard is not quite as poppy in person as he is on record. We saw him wreak havoc at Maxwell's in Jersey City. For a full report read Nick Greto's report over at kevchino (You may have to go below the fold).

Tonight, we plan to head to the Mercury Lounge for Wye Oak and The Music Tapes. And later on to the Bowery Ballroom to see Marnie Stern, A Place to Bury Strangers and Vivian Girls. But another realization is that plans don't pan out as intended at CMJ. Regardless, it's been a blast!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beck - Modern Guilt New Video via imeem

The new Beck video for the title track from Modern Guilt is below:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tito Puente - Free Download

This album has had us dancing around our offices for weeks now. Tito Puente was the "King of Latin Music". Learn more here.

Tito Puente - Babarabatiri (MP3)

Of Montreal - ID Engager new video from Pitchfork TV

Enjoy the new video below.

"Ludacris Democracy" is a Free Mash Up by Cassettes Won't Listen of Ludacris and Guns N' Roses

Confused? We're not gonna help. Just give it a listen. New albums by both Ludacris and Guns N' Roses will be out next month. The in more ways then one appropriately titled album is available free here (for experimental purposes...whatever that means). Visit Cassettes Won't Listen on their myspace.

CMJ Lineup announced!

Musicology NYC will be at CMJ for the first time ever this year, so there will be little action here, but a lot of action here (full schedule). Where should we go? Someone plan a day.

Radiohead - "Wolf at the Door" at Blossom 2008

Thom posted on Dead Air Space so we are too.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Birdmonster on World Cafe

Check out Birdmonster on with David Dye here.

Song List
"New Country"
"Born to Be Your Man"

The National Cover the Velvet Underground's "What Goes On" (youtube)

The National's cover of Velvet Underground is just below:

Kicking and Streaming - Spinner Free Music includes: David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Ray LaMontagne, Secret Machines, Ingrid Michaelson free listens!

David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Ray LaMontagne, Secret Machines, Ingrid Michaelson, I'm from Barcelona and Nikka Costa.

Bjork - "Nattura" featuring Thom Yorke Youtube stream

"Natura" the new Bjork single-that features Mr. Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame singing somewhere in the background-was created to help protect the Iceland environment. Read more about it here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kicking and Streaming: Daniel Martin Moore - "Stray Age" Free Album Stream

Most people don't know much about Daniel Martin Moore and with legitimate reason. Read below from Subpop.

You’ve never heard of Daniel Martin
, from Cold Spring, Kentucky. That’s okay. Before we got his
unsolicited demo in January 2007, neither had we. Luckily, he’d heard of us, and
contacted us the way people in Cold Spring still do—he sent us a package, just
to see what would happen. In all honesty, his odds were quite slim, but
occasionally we’ll take down that “no solicitation” sign on our door.
Eventually, we opened his package and gave his four songs a listen and decided
to contact him—we happened upon Daniel while he was working at a friend’s bed
and breakfast in Costa Rica.

Three tracks in, we like his romantic, honest ditties. Listen to Stray Age in full here (requires login).

Chad Van Gaalen - "Soft Airplane" Review

Chad Van Gaalen may be afraid of death, but he's more afraid of not confronting it and making you aware that he knows about it. And he reaches your conscious so as to remind you that "no one knows where we go when were dead..." as the lyrics of "Rabid Bits of Time" entertain.

On Soft Airplane, Mr. Van Gaalen third record (available now via Sup Pop), he does not tip-toe around death. The one thing people run the hardest from, here, is in your face. Yet it's comforting in the playful way it is portrayed. There is no doom. There is ostensibly only acceptance and bright lights.

The album is unavoidably good. A man that obsesses over any one thing usually translates well to recording. This is no different.

On the opener "Willow Tree" a succinctly plucked banjo echoes gorgeously "Sleep all day/just waiting for the sun to set" and this sets the tone for a melancholic recording that never feels so.

There are moments in Van Gaalens crooning when you will hear a contemporary Neil Young. Especially on "Cry of the Day", a song that shows off odd percusions, rythmic acoustic guitars, child like lyrics and demonstrates how to make home recordings work for you. So he does tread new ground, as he meshes Young-esque familiarity with indie and electronic elements. He is a modern musician whose passion is his art (which also includes visual art like the Soft Airplane album cover).

Soft Airplane will make many top ten lists this year (including, most likely, mine) because of the way we learn to look at life (and death) through Van Gaalen's eyes. And things look-and more importantly sound-better.

One thing that you should do is avoid counting derivatives of the word "dead" on Soft Airplane, for you could be with this album for a long time. On second thought, being with this album for a long time is a damn good thing. Nothing wrong with dwelling on dying, because it rarely feel so un-gloomy.
3.75 of 5 stars

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mercury Rev - "Senses on Fire" (Fujiya and Miyagi Remix)

Read below about the cool new remix of Mercury Rev's "Senses on Fire" by Fujiya and Miyagi and download it for free.

Senses On Fire' was the first single to be taken from Mercury Rev's awe-inspiring seventh album, 'Snowflake Midnight', released last month, marking the return of a reinvigorated Mercury Rev.
The Rev are due to release their next single from the album 'Butterfly's Wing' on 17th November and they are also due to release a special 12” remix package featuring two fantastic remixes by Isan and Carlos Anthony Molina, as well as previous single 'Senses On Fire' remixed by Fujiya and Miyagi and James Holden.
Mercury Rev - "Senses on Fire" (Fujiya and Miyagi Remix) MP3

Guns n' Roses - "Chinese Democracy" has a Release date!!!!!!!

If it were 15 years ago...maybe even 10...maybe even 5 this might be the biggest news in the music world.

Alright, it's still pretty big:

Guns N' Roses' (though not most of the people in the above photo) long awaited new album Chinese Democracy will be released on 11/23/2008 per Stereogum.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coldplay "Lost!" on Jools Holland

"Lost!" by Coldplay live on Jools below...

Tricky - "Knowle West Boy" Review

Tricky's was always a name that was associated with originality. As an early collaborator of trip hop legends Massive Attack-he helped define a genre.

But Tricky has been on his own now for years. And he has had one album to live up to, 1995's solo debut Maxinquaye.

That solo release and the two that followed may have confused a casual listener. A good kind of confusion. A confusion that would win you over. Some songs didn't even feel like songs. Spoken word-which was not quite singing and not quite rapping-textured with thumping beats that were influenced by every genre imaginable. Eventually and surprisingly the sound grew on you and after time, amazed you. Tricky was on his way to worldwide mainstream recognition.

Enter his cognitive desire of this. And reciprocally enter a few horrible albums that ostensibly focused on how to reach this next level of fame. Tricky became irrelevant in a music world that glorified his past.

Live's front man Ed Kowalczyk joined him on a track on his 2001 album, Blowback and there was almost no chance for recovery.

It is not the recovery that you would have liked. Yet there is a recovery of sorts.

What does return is some of the passion that seemed to have fled the man in the late 90's.
Knowle West Boy is supposed to be biographical. And there is honesty within it.

It consists of solid songs that you will like from listen one. Something that once was unheard of on a Tricky release. Listen one used to be for adjusting your ears.

But immediate understanding isn't all bad. It just means after 14 years of Tricky, we...well...have heard it all before.

The opening track "Puppy Toy" if set behind a new popular movie trailer could easily be a hit here in America. It is blues influenced, but hip-hop is its master.

"Past Mistake" returns to the haunting beats of early solid efforts and infuses much of the pain he seemed to have tossed aside.

The record closes with the dark but simple gem "School Gates". And with it comes the realization that all tracks seem to have their own vibe. Therefore, it hardly gels as an album. And maybe we do live in a single song, iTunes based world, but certainly this was not what Tricky had in mind. Regardless, Knowle West Boy does sound much better than anything that Tricky has put his name on for years.

Not a return of the "Tricky Kid", but something that may get you excited for the next Tricky album. It is undoubtedly worth the listen. And that is saying something.

2.5 of 5 stars

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Clare and the Reasons - Tour Dates (New York - Le Poisson Rouge)

Obama supporter's Clare & the Reasons are back in the states with My Brightest Diamond. Dates below:

10/27- HAMDEN, CT- The Space

10/28- NORTHAMPTON, MA- Iron Horse Music Hall

10/30- PORTLAND, ME- Space

10/31- FALL RIVER, MA- Narrows Center for the arts

11/02- BUFFALO, NY- Big Orbit’s Soundlab

11/03- OBERLIN, OH- Oberlin College

11/05- GRAND RAPIDS, MI- The Ladies Literary Club

11/06- DANVILLE, IN- Royal Theater

11/07- CHICAGO, IL- Schubas

11/08- MADISON, WI- Orpheum Theatre- Stage Door

11/11- ST. LOUIS, MO- Cicero’s

11/13- DENVER, CO- Larimer Lounge

11/14- PAONIA, CO- Paradise Theater

11/15- SALT LAKE CITY, UT- Urban Lounge

11/16- BOISE, ID- Neurolux

11/17- KENNEWICK, WA- The Red Room

11/19- SEATTLE, WA- Triple Door

11/20- PORTLAND, OR- Doug Fir Lounge

11/21- EUGENE, OR- WOW Hall

11/22- SAN FRANCISCO, CA- Swedish American Hall

11/24- SANTA CRUZ, CA- Rio Theatre

11/25- SAN DIEGO, CA- Casbah

11/26- LOS ANGELES, CA- Hotel Café

11/30- ALBEQUERQUE, NM- The Cooperage

12/03- DALLAS, TX- Granada Theater

12/05- BIRMINGHAM, AL- The Bottletree

12/09- ASHEVILLE, NC- Orange Peel

12/10- CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA- Gravity Lounge

12/11- WASHINGTON, DC- Rock and Roll Hotel

12/12- PHILADELPHIA, PA- First Unitarian Church

12/13- NEW YORK, NY- Le Poisson Rouge

Depeche Mode Tour Dates

A new Depeche Mode album is just around the corner. Watch a classic DM video below.

5/10 - Tel Aviv, Israel @ Gan Stadium
5/12 - Athens, Greece @ Terra Vibe Park
5/14 - Istanbul, Turkey @ Santral
5/16 - Bucharest, Romania @ Parc Izvor
5/18 - Sofia, Bulgaria @ Tuborg Greenfest
5/20 - Belgrade, Serbia @ Tuborg Greenfest
5/21 - Zagred, Crotia @ Tuborg Greenfest
5/23 - Warsaw, Poland @ Gwardia Stadium
5/25 - Riga, Latvia @ Skonto Stadium
5/27 - Vinius, Lithuania @ Zalgirio Stadinoas
5/30 - London, UK @ O2 Arena
6/2 - Hamburg, Germany @ HSHN Arena
6/4 - Dusseldorf, Germany @ LTU Arena
6/7 - Leipzig, Germany @ Zentralstadion
6/10 - Berlin, Germany @ Olympiastadion
6/12 - Frankfurt, Germany @ Commerzbank
6/13 - Munich, Germany @ Olympiastadion
6/16 - Rome, Italy @ Stadio Olimpico
6/18 - Milan, Italy @ Stadio San Siro
6/20 - Werchester, Belgium @ TW Classic Fest
6/22 - Bratislava, Slovakia @ Inter Stadium
6/23 - Budapest, Hungary @ PF Stadium
6/25 - Prague, Czech Republic @ Slavia Stadium
6/27 - Paris, France @ TBA
6/30 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Parken Stadium

Monday, October 6, 2008

TV on the Radio on Jools Holland

Watch TV on the Radio do "Golden Age" and "Dancing Choose" below. TVOTR look to have one of the the years best releases....again.

Intermissions at Union Hall

Intermissions may not be known now, but give it some time. Playing with Motel Motel, The Go Station and Tropic Of Nelson the group of former Bling Kong-ers surprised many with their intense, self-proclaimed "first gig ever". Many doubters arose. How could this be show number one? Wielding two drummers, inaudible lyrics and serious stage presence, they dared you to take your eyes and ears of them. Most attempts at this failed.
There sound was certainly Battles inspired, but there were other global influences that tinged their progressive rock.
We'll keep a close eye on them and let you know when you can see them again.
We apologize for the photo, you can see much better ones here. And we don't have anywhere to send you to listen to the band, but we will. We hope.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

No Age at Fuji Film Launch Party

We wish this clip of No Age we found over at the Music Slut was a bit longer, but we're posting it anyway, because, well, we love No Age.

Find more videos like this on Z Spot Now

Van Morrison to Play "Astral Weeks" in Full in LA

Van Morrison announced the following about Astral Weeks, via Billboard:

Van Morrison will perform his 1968 album "Astral Weeks" in its entirety
during back-to-back concerts Nov. 7-8 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The
concerts will feature some of the original musicians featured on the classic
Tickets for the event go on sale beginning Oct. 5 via Ticketmaster,
with prices ranging from $75-$255.50. Andrew Hewitt and Bill Silva Presents are
promoting upcoming the concerts at the 17,300-seat venue.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fucked Up - New Album "The Chemistry of Common Life" Free Stream

Fucked Up is back with there follow up to 2006's Hidden World called The Chemistry of Common Life. Its release date is on 10-07-08. The album is available for test drive over at Rhapsody. Lend it an ear.

Radiohead - "Reckoner" Official Video (Myspace)

From Thom Yorke who is the singer for Radiohead:

hello my mind is not functioning at the correct speed at the moment thanks to
being in Tokyo but however and here is one of my favourite video things that has
ever happened for Reckoner it is, the result of somebody entering a competition
to make an animation to one of the tunes on IN RAINbows. on aniboom. you can
scroll down dead air space and find all about it.. but anyway
so we asked
them whether it was ok to make it the official one we use as it goes with the
song so well. they said yes.
and if you're like me and find it hard to find
videos on televsion any more, or even turn on the television you can watch right
ok now im going to fold some clothes.

Radiohead - Reckoner - by Clement Picon