Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bon Iver - "The Wolves (Act I and II) Video

Bon Iver AKA Justin Vernon added a lot to the music scene in 2007, although his album For Emma, Forever Ago was officially released on Jagjaguwar just last week. It was our number two album last year and probably will be in the top ten this year as well. A new video is now on Bon Iver's Virb page. Here's the video:

Of course there is a story behind the video:

"This is by any description, a project that almost never happened. Rushing to get to Wisconsin for fresh snows and still frozen air, Director Matt Amato arrived in Eau Claire, hometown of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, in late January. In the midst of warming up after a long journey and excitedly telling Justin about all the projects he had on the horizon, Matt received a phone call. One of his best friends had suddenly and tragically passed away. All logic and reason were thrown out. Nobody knew what to do. Matt didn't know whether to stay or go, or how he would even manage to get back to the airport in his state of shock. Justin just tried to stay calm. Between a flurry of phone calls and attempting to contact some of Matt's family to accompany him home, night fell. Almost by default, Matt remained in Eau Claire in the company of his newest acquaintance. Something about it was safe, and that was enough. The next morning, Matt read the lyrics to 'The Wolves' and felt as if those were the exact words he needed to hear from his departed friend. That pretty much sealed it. Matt would stay and work, even as the thought of making a video became the last thing on their minds. They built a bonfire and just let it burn all day and into the night, and Matt filmed. The weight of the circumstances propelled the collaboration to a place these sort of projects don't often go. The cathartic spirit of Bon Iver's music had found its kindred spirit in imagery."

Seems we are always moved by Vernon, whether it's the art or the story behind the art.

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