Monday, March 31, 2008

March Band Of The Month

Each month we will post our current favorite band for the present month. It will be based on opinion. Strictly opinion and growth of said opinion. For Example, Radiohead are always held in high regard here at Musicolgy nyc, so even though they were very active this month and In Rainbows is still playing away like crazy, it will be very difficult for them to win a band of the month award because it would be nearly impossible for us to love them anymore than we do.
This month we have a lot of veterans that were in high contention for the reward. And the winner will not surprise anyone. There will be no discovery of new artists this month. A couple contenders were the Grand Archives, Thao Nguyen and NIN, but with the release of the new REM album and the new Portishead on heavy rotation it really only came down to those two artists.

And the winner is...

As if you can't tell from the attached photo...

Portishead, by a landslide. What a great album they have coming out this month. We cannot wait to see them live, when they will probably win this award again.

Your prize can be collected when you contact me.

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