Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tha National at BAM - 02/22/08

Last night Brooklyn's The National performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, "Brooklyn Next" series. Seeing a band like them at seated venue was quite unusual for the fans as well as the band. You could sense them feeling a bit uncomfortable and it took a few songs before they actually settled into a groove. Even singer Matt Berringer mentioned something about it. Musically the band sounded great despite guitarist's Bryce Dessner's back injury. He remained seated for the majority of the performance. The stage seemed rather small because of his lack of mobility. This, however, took nothing away from the music as the band played tighter than ever. The horn section and orchestration filled in the set beautifully. A highlight of the evening was seeing Sufjan Stevens step onto stage to join the band on the track "Ada", which he co-wrote with the band. And of course, "Mr. November" rocked.

Opener My Brightest Diamond surely gathered some new fans as singer Shara Worden's strong vocals and goofy stage antics set the stage for the National.

Set list (and photo) via TMS (one complaint, we are at a rock show and notes nor pictures are allowed because the ushers say my phone is bothering other spectators - and how did you pull it off TMS?):

Start A War. Brainy. Baby We'll Be Fine. Slow Show. Secret Meeting. Mistaken For Strangers. Squalor Victoria. Abel. Wasp Nest. Racing Like A Pro. Ada. Apartment Story. Untitled New Song. Karen. Fake Empire... City Middle. Mr November. About Today. Gospel.

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