Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Phosphorescent - Live at Union Pool, New Video, Tour Dates, Free Downloads

Maybe we're a bit late in discovering these guys, but it is always wonderful to stumble upon a band like Phosphorescent. Last weekend the one-man band that is Matthew Houck in the studio, became a rocking quintet that just about outdid headliners the Dodos at Union Pool (notice: just about - the Dodos were pretty damn good themselves - so call it a draw). The tunes from that night are undoubtedly swirling in every head that was at Union Pool on Saturday. And I wouldn't be surprised if the band sold out of CD's after the show. It was that good. Passion goes a long way. Matthew Houck has that.

Check out the free downloads over at Daytrotter. Tour Dates below.

Phosphorescent - "At Death, A Proclamation"

Tour Dates:
Feb 7 2008 8:00P
Terrace F Club Princeton, New Jersey
Feb 8 2008 8:00P
Alfred University Powell Center Alfred, New York
Feb 15 2008 8:00P
Dartmouth Hanover, New Hampshire
Feb 26 2008 8:00P
Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb 27 2008 8:00P
Union Hall Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York
Feb 29 2008 8:00P
Mercury Lounge New York, New York
Mar 1 2008 8:00P
Iron Horse Northampton, Massachusetts
Mar 3 2008 8:00P
Waldron Arts Center Bloomington, Indiana
Mar 4 2008 8:00P
Schuba’s Chicago, Illinois
Mar 5 2008 8:00P
7th Street Entry Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mar 6 2008 8:00P
Slowdown Omaha, Nebraska
Mar 7 2008 8:00P
Jackpot Saloon Lawrence, Kansas
Mar 8 2008 8:00P
Opolis Norman, Oklahoma
Mar 10 2008 8:00P
The Cavern Dallas, Texas
Mar 10 2008 8:00P
Good Records (In-Store, early, 6 or 7pm) Dallas, Texas
Mar 11 2008 8:00P
Monks Abilene, Texas
Mar 12 2008 8:00P
SXSW - tba Austin, Texas
Mar 13 2008 8:00P
SXSW - tba Austin, Texas
Mar 14 2008 8:00P
SXSW - tba Austin, Texas
Mar 15 2008 8:00P
SXSW - tba Austin, Texas
Mar 18 2008 8:00P
Plush Tucson, Arizona
Mar 19 2008 8:00P
Che Cafe San Diego, California
Mar 20 2008 8:00P
The Echo Los Angeles, California
Mar 21 2008 8:00P
Muddy Waters Santa Barbara, California
Mar 22 2008 8:00P
Cellar Door Visalia, California
Mar 23 2008 8:00P
Independent San Francisco, California
Mar 24 2008 8:00P
Holocene Portland, Oregon
Mar 25 2008 8:00P
Media Club Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 26 2008 8:00P
Nectar Lounge Seattle, Washington
Mar 27 2008 8:00P
Department of Safety Anacortes, Washington
Mar 28 2008 8:00P
American Legion Post 3 Lewiston, Idaho
Mar 30 2008 8:00P
Aquarium Fargo, North Dakota
Mar 31 2008 8:00P
Project Lodge Madison, Wisconsin
Apr 10 2008 8:00P
Ekko Utrecht, Netherlands
Apr 11 2008 8:00P
Motel Mozaique Rotterdam, Netherlands
Apr 12 2008 8:00P
De Kreun Kortrijk, Belgium
Apr 13 2008 8:00P
Mains d’Oeuvres Paris, France
Apr 14 2008 8:00P
Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 15 2008 8:00P
Dominofestival Brussels
Apr 17 2008 8:00P
The Borderline London, England
Apr 18 2008 8:00P
The Cube Bristol, England
Apr 19 2008 8:00P
Taylor John’s House Coventry, England
Apr 20 2008 8:00P
Fibbers York, England
Apr 21 2008 8:00P
The Captains Rest Glasgow, Scotland
Apr 22 2008 8:00P
The Cumberland Arms Newcastle, England
May 1 2008 8:00P
Donaufestival Krems, Austria
Go see this band. You won't be sorry.

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