Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guillemots on Jonathon Ross, Looking for Female Singer

A little something to go along with the Guillemots news we posted last month. How about a new song called "Get Over It" from their forthcoming Red LP? And they are looking for a female singer to tour with them? Pretty exciting. This was on Jonathon Ross this past Friday night:

And this from their myspace blog:

we is looking for a girl singer ??

The main thing is just finding someone with a really distinctive, uninhibited voice who could add some harmonies / noises to some of our songs, and obviously, someone who is also able to be on tour a lot of this year.

So. . .if anyone out there thinks they might fit into the strange little sung-glove world of Guillemots, send an email to


with whatever you want to tell us about yourself and some link to listen or download some examples of your voice or voices...

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