Monday, February 25, 2008

John Maus Sounds Good, Has Sense of Humor

We're listening to this dude John Maus a lot. Check him out via his myspace. "Do Your Best" can really get jammed up inside your brain. You'll have to go to myspace to hear it though.

John Maus - "Pure Rockets"

Plus he's funny, from his myspace:


It took this Ariel Pink cohort five years to write and record his debut album, and only five minutes to become more annoying than Ariel Pink.

For me, this is just too weird. The first couple of tracks make this the most skip-able album of 2006.
-Subba Cultcha

Apparently, Maus spent five years working on this album, which is a shame because, frankly, its awful.

There isn't one song you could call 'good' on the whole album.
-Music Zine

Overall, I can't recommend this album even as a novelty listen. Maybe I just don't get it. It seems as if Maus sabotages practically any hint of an interesting melody, lyric, or instrumental part with a blatantly grating one at almost every turn.
-Indie Workshp

Maus's baroquely deadpan voice - and thats being polite - effectively spoils many a song. Some will hear a little Nick Cave in it; others will hear a man crapping out of his mouth.
-Drowned in Sound

If it is supposed to be funny, it is not. If it is meant seriousy, then Maus needs some SERIOUS help.
-Another Zine


His music now lacks the surreal, jarring juxtapositions that made his earlier work such a rewardingly confounding experience. Maus seems content to sing his heart out instead of rattling cages, which is rather a shame.
-The Wire
If you can't laugh at yourself...laugh at the critics.

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