Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cloud Cult - Bowery Ballroom 04/18/08

Friday night I went to see one of our favorite bands here at Musicology NYC, Cloud Cult. The Minneapolis based band fronted by Craig Minowa, did not disappoint.

Their live performance embodies everything that you love about music. Within the same set you may find yourself: dancing, crying, laughing, singing, and clapping (among other contemplating the meaning of your existence). This is purposeful, as the band wants you to get the most out of it's performance. And you usually do.

This show was no different.

The band played a set that concentrated on their most recent album Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes) and last years The Meaning of 8. The visual affects that the band use are as powerful as the music. A screen flashes digital art behind the band, as an artist on stage paints along with the music (Connie Minowa, Craig's wife). Scott West who usually paints along side Connie was absent.

Rumor has it that this will be the last Cloud Cult album as well as the final tour. If you have never seen this band, please put it on your to do list.

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