Monday, April 7, 2008

Be Your Own Pet - "Get Awkward" Reviewed

Be Your Own Pet's new album Get Awkward starts off like you would expect; with growling guitars and searing vocals by singer Jemina Pearl. If there is such a thing as modern commercial punk rock that doesn't sound like something your little sister would listen to, this is it. With violent subject matter that feels surprisingly playful rather than dangerous, the band has grown up. A little bit.

It's impossible not to mention that they are still mostly in their early 20's (and by early 20's I mean 20). And it's impossible not to mention that there is so much room for growth here because of their age. But the snotty-ness in the bands sound makes you want to stop time and not allow for that growth.

However, time does not stop for, you, me or BYOP. So we will have to deal with the semi ballad "You're a Waste" and accept that it's not so bad.

But if you can't listen to that, you can always crank up "Food Fight", "Heart Throb" or "Super Soaked", to recall why it's easy to love these guys. And slyly there is some relatability here too.

"I just want to run around/I just want to party down"

Who hasn't been there?

Be Your Own Pet - Get Awkward: 3 of 5 stars

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