Sunday, December 9, 2007

Essie Jain/Bon Iver/Elvis Perkins - Bowery Ballroom 12/07/07

Friday Nights show at the Bowery was amazing. We caught most of Essie Jain. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous. Elvis Perkins in Dearland was not quite as melancholic as I had anticipated and the band was full of stage antics. But the highlight of the evening was by far the buzz-worthy blog superstar Bon Iver (AKA Justin Vernon). Though he only played six songs, he won over the crowd quickly. The man simply pours his heart out. I overheard someone say, "someone broke that dude's heart". Yeah, ya think? At one point Vernon sat down at the piano and played a new song that no one had heard "except my mom". Which was supposed to earn him "cute points". Talent aside, he seems like that kind hearted fella that everyone knows. Someone yelled "You are a real human being!" He chuckled and replied that he had never heard that before. Funny, you kinda understand what the dude meant. What a great show. Check out more photos at my flickr.

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