Thursday, November 19, 2009

Class Actress, Acrylics, Violens on Wednesday, December 9th at the Mercury Lounge

Some super sweet bands at the the MerLou on a Wednesday in December. Been listening to the Acrylics EP (you can download it for free there too) a lot lately and it's sorta dope. I think you'll like it to if you know what's good. Also Class Actress is the other one that will be playing and Pitchfork is hyping them so they gotta be good, right? Violens EP I listened to a lot some time a go but when I listened to it today I didn't get excited.

Might go to this show.

Here's an Acrylics tune called "All of the Fire"

Here's a Class Actress song called "Careful What You Say"

Where else can you get these things but Musicology NYC?

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