Sunday, October 18, 2009

New "Don't To Do" MP3 from LISSY TRULLIE! Album out Tuesday

Lissie Trullie will finally have a full length with a number of songs from her earlier EP "Self-Taught Lerner. The full length will have the same title. One of the new songs can be downloaded here.

Track Listing for Self-Taught Learner out on Downtown Records October 20th
01. Boy Boy
02. She Said
03. Self-Taught Learner
04. Money
05. Forget About it
06. Ready For The Floor
07. Don't To Do (New Track)
08. Hold Your Head (New Track)
09. Just A Friend (Duet w/ Adam Green - Biz Markie Cover)
10. You Bleed You (Unreleased Demo)

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