Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cool Kids Mix Tape Gone Fishing

Cool Kids had a great EP last year and now in preparation for their new record they have released a free mixtape called Gone Fishing. You can get it here.

Gone Fishing tracklisting:

1. “Introduction to Ice Fishing”
2. “Hammer Brothers”
3. “Champions”
4. “Gold Links”
5. “Cinnamon”
6. “Premium Blends”
7. “Step Back”
8. “Jump Rope feat. Tennille”
9. “The Last Stretch feat. Jahda”
10. “The Art of Noise (interlude)”
11. “The Light Company”
12. “Popcorn”
13. “Wise Words by GLC -Told by GLC”
14. “Pennies (the updated rosters) Remix feat. Ludacris & Bun B”
15. “Broadcasting Live”
16. “Takin' a Break”
17. “Tune Up”
18. “Weekend Girls feat. Ryan Leslie”
19. “Summer Vacations”
20. “Words of Wisdom by GLC - Told by GLC”
21. “Knocked Down”

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