Monday, April 27, 2009

Sharon Van Etten Makes "Coming Home" for Movie "Woman's Prison"

We are in love with Sharon Van Etten and you should be too. Check out the video for this new song that showcases her gorgeous vocals!  Her new album will be out in May.  Read about the film below.  Via The Music Slut.  

A small crew of six girls, set out to South Bend, Indiana, with hardy nothing to make a feature film. And we did it. We managed a cast of 50 and 35 locations. It was done with intuition, ingenuity and most importantly, passion.

My dedicated crew accompanied me to face a general atmosphere of sexism and poverty. We shattered the gender and class wall that surrounds the world of film while humanizing a culture that has often made into caricatures.

Nothing was easy about making this film, but neither are the lives that the film represents. The main character Julie Ann Mabry is the heart and soul of everyone that I have carried with me. She is not the exception; she is the story of Indiana. With this film I wanted to tell the story of a poor girl growing up in the Midwest without options. She is trapped in a prison by poverty long before she actually goes to prison. During the filming, I worked side by side with many women who were in the same situation. It was heartwrenching, watching these people tell their story and then go back to dead end jobs, to abusive boyfriends and husbands.

Making this film tried my physical and emotional endurance many times, but it is a completely honest work that could not have been made any other way.

-Katie Madonna Lee

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