Sunday, August 10, 2008

Duffy says "Hello New York" Too Much at All Points West (Day One)

After a weekend of monitored drinking (only five beers were allowed) in the sun, Radiohead, and long lines, All Points West is now over (for me at least). There is still a full day off music today featuring, well, Cat Power and some other artists that have forced me to the conclusion that the couch is a better option than that long trek across the Hudson.

Some notes on the day one:

Duffy: Why didn't someone tell her that we were in New Jersey and not New York? She must have said this 17 times. Regardless her set was decent and her vocals near flawless.

Grizzly Bear: Great live show that completely won over this borderline fan.

Andrew Bird: Gorgeous.

Girl Talk: I read in the comments over at BV that it was fun like a frat party and that seems accurate. But come on that was one fun frat party!

Radiohead: Weak set list but amazing light and sound. The band never seems to let down, and if my opinion isn't all that matters, I spoke with someone on the subway that said that Friday's set list was better.

Pictures and day two to follow.

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