Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aderbat - "We Belong to the Sea" Review

In the grand scheme of things, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, may not seem far from New York City. But as those that have grown up in the area know, it is worlds apart. Like the rest of the world, New York is an enigma and a long awaited dream for bands outside of Philadelphia.

Aderbat, is an indie rock band with moving parts stemming from Brooklyn and Pennsylvania. Its sound is not completely unknown, but strangely and savagely familiar - like a recurring doom ridden dream or an evolved humans return to the sea.

The bands aptly titled second album, We Belong to the Sea, finds beauty and heartache lying in the cracks of everyday life, pries them out and serves them on a platter of gorgeous pop melodies.

Aderbat is Matt Taylor, Chris Covatta, Todd Schied, Brad Kunkle and Craig Hendrix. They are a team of musicians destined to survive the intricacies of a music business that is still spinning from the madness that internet file sharing has caused. The band embraces the free download, as three of the six tunes on the bands myspace page are available for download at no charge. However, surviving in the new music business, requires more than giving music away. It's gotta be good, too. And "good", the band supplies in triumphant excess.

"Eyeballs" streams slowly with self doubt, but does so remorsefully. "I couldn't make this up", Taylor sings with seemingly fortunate uncertainty. "Mastodon" plays as the albums dimly lit centerpiece, that has the listener sharing pain with the storyteller. "Recycled Language" is a standout that is simply too good not to mention. "No One Will Notice" is the albums peak, as close to a sing along song as the band can and a perfect tune for the end of summer.

They may be an unsigned act, but that is only because justice seems to be out to lunch in the 2008 music world, with bands like Three Doors Down still infecting the charts.

Aderbat is a band packed with enough talent that will not allow them to remain an unsigned act for long. We Belong to the Sea is the beginning of a transition. "With one eye closed, we go walking", Taylor sings on "Busted Cars" one of the albums oddest and coolest highlights. But keep both eyes on Aderbat. Doylestown, PA is about to conquer the Big Apple.

3.75 out of 5 stars

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