Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kate Nash Is All the Rage and Virgin Megastore Apearance

I have been seeing posters all over town and on Wednesday I was invited by a friend to see her at her Union Square Virgin Megastore appearance. She literally had been everywhere, but when I went record shopping tonight I realized, somehow, I knew absolutely nothing about Kate Nash. Here's what I have learned since I walked in the door with her album in my hand: 1) She was in Lilly Allen's myspace top eight and rode that wave to her current stature. 2) She is talented and clever. 3) She will be/is hot, hot, hot in '08. Below is a video of Nash at the Virgin store via She Writes Rock.

Kate Nash - "Foundations"

Her debut Made of Bricks is on play number two and it apparently makes you smile when you're in a miserable mood.

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