Thursday, November 8, 2007

I don't understand...Radiohead in the news

So Radiohead made their way into the headlines again today, but I don't quite understand what happened. Supposedly there was to be something on Radiohead TV tonight, but I haven't seen it and can't seem to find it where they say it is.

there will be something on the box tonight
its another test
but right now we

are entangled in cables
weather permitting
our technical experts will

resolve the entanglement
itll be broadcast as a quicktime h.264 stream
if youve got a

mac you'll already probably have quicktime player
if youve got a pc and it doesnt work,

you might need to download the installer (click here to download and install)

then click on to


Snap. Just watched, and saw the whole thing, I think. Some beats and a Bjork cover. Sounds nice.

Give up?

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