Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saul Williams Recomends Donation On New LP...But You Can Get It For Free Too

I am a bout a day late on this one, but it looks like the free music floodgates are slowly starting to swing open. Saul Williams the Poet/Musician/Rapper will be releasing his new Trent Reznor produced album the Radiohead way. The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust! will be available for donation download beginning November 1, 2007. However if you are easily ridden with guilt it won't be as simple to snag it for free as it was with Radiohead.

If you choose to pay the recommended price of $5 then it's all yours, but before clicking on the $0 price you will be forced to deal with this message:

I'm not concerned about that[supporting the artist]. I just want the music.

Personally, I haven't pre-ordered yet (catholic school guilt still rears it's head), but you can at that there link.

Either way it should be interesting to hear Mr. Williams working with Mr. Reznor.

Here's a video of Coldcut's "Mr. Nichols", it features said Mr. Williams.

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