Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jay-Z, Radiohead, VH1 Storytellers and Pink Floyd

OK, so two of these things go together. Most likely it's not the two that you are thinking. Radiohead and Pink Floyd, right? Wrong. Radiohead and Storytellers? Not likely. So it must be a Pink Floyd Storytellers? Wrong again.

Jay-Z just recorded a version of VH1 Storytellers with a live 12 piece band called the Roc Boys. To be honest I thought this show went away with Dial MTV. Luckily not, I'm certainly interested in seeing this show. It premiers November 8th.

The other two artists are in the news today as well.

Radiohead signed with XL Records for the distribution of In Rainbows outside North America.

I hate Box sets and I hate re-releases, but Pink Floyd re-released their entire catalog in a single box set.

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