Monday, May 23, 2011

The Rapture Announce New Album Out On DFA Records

Here's some cool news. Due to the whole crazy rapture-ness over the last few days, I got to playing some of that old band, the Rapture. Remember those guys? "House of Jealous Lovers"? That album was awesome. After listening I got to thinking about where they been. And now just a day or two later we hear this news. Coincidence? hmmmmm. In the Grace of Your Love is out September 6th. Here's hoping it had more of a climax than the May 21 rapture (and their last album).

In The Grace Of Your Love
1) Sail Away
2) Miss You
3) Blue Bird
4) Come Back to Me
5) In the Grace of Your Love
6) Never Gonna Die Again
7) Roller Coaster
8) Children
9) Can You Find a Way?
10) How Deep Is Your Love?
11) It Takes Time to Be a Man

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