Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cat Martino's - "Jenni's Gone Down"

I thought it appropriate on Memorial Day weekend to make you aware of the gorgeous vocals of Cat Martino.

This preview of her new album is more folk-y than the rest but it is sweet for sure. It was inspired by Jennie Hodgers, who transformed into Albert Cashier to fight in the Civil War. I'll let her tell the story in music and words (you can also download here):

“Last May (2009), I woke up to read a story on NPR about Jennie Hodgers, a woman who changed her identity to Albert Cashier to fight in the Civil War,” says Martino. “Her story was so compelling, I went straight with my morning coffee to my guitar to write her life song.”

The song opens with a psycedelic bluesy-folk feel. “I wanted to aurally capture morning mist and smokey gun barrels.” We hear a tenor guitar, wrapped in organ, a banjo, and then the confessional voice remembering. The choruses of harmonizing delayed voices are the angelic ghost of the woman Jennie left behind in becoming Cashier


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