Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's Wrestle - "In the Court of the Wrestling Let's" Review

"If you want to help/Just kill yourself/But I won't do that" are lyrics from "My Arms Don't Bend That Way, Damn it!". It's the opening track from In the Court of the Wrestling Let's the debut from UK based Let's Wrestle. There are crunching guitars that pull from punk and hard rock. But there are also melodic guitars. There are crashing cymbals and there are soft beats. There are tortured, meaningful and howling vocals that feel sensitive and true. Yes, there is all of that in the first track. And...

The album rarely let's up. Strike that, it never let's up. This trio from London, has a sense of humor, however, you never know if you should laugh. The second track continues the quirky, punk drive and they never look back. You won't either.

We think this album is good. If you're into this sort of melodic punk, it may even reach great status. This band should have a bigger name. You can help with that. Pick up In the Court of the Wrestling Let's here.

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