Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Songs Brings about a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs song is called "Zero" and it sounds like no other Yeah Yeah Yeahs song to date. The album It's Blitz will be available 4-14-09. Looking forward to it.

Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"It's Blitz!" Track Listing and credits:
Stuart Bogie - Tenor Saxophone
Eric Biondo - Trumpet
2. Heads Will Roll
3. Soft Shock
4. Skeletons
5. Dull Life
6. Shame and Fortune
7. Runaway
Jane Scarpantoni - Cello
Greg Kurstin - Piano
8. Dragon Queen
Tunde Adebimpe - Vocals
Stuart Bogie - Tenor and Baritone Saxophone
Kyp Malone - Tambourine
9. Hysteric
Eric Biondo - Trumpet
Stuart Bogie - Tenor and Baritone Saxophone
10. Little Shadow
Imaad Wasif - Guitar

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