Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Galapogos Art Space to Host Hold Steady-er, Peter Hess's Likeness To Lily

Peter Hess from the Hold Steady has a band called Likeness To Lily they are performing December 5th at the Galapogos Art Space. They are:

a New Music quartet with a flair for telling syncopated stories in the
patois of post-modern pop.

Also performing:

Fire In July melds the detail and finesse of art song with the energy and
drive of pop, rock, and jazz improvisation.

Cynthia Hopkins, founder of the band Gloria Deluxe, is the recipient of the
2007 Alpert Award in Theatre, honoring her work as a writer, composer, musician,
creator and performer of unique music/theater projects.

Andrew Shapiro"blend[s] the minimalist influence of Philip Glass with the
moody pop sensibility of '80s New Wave." (New Music Box magazine)

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