Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mini Rooftop NYC

Oh Mr. BV I can't stay away. This is some cool news, though we probably aren't cool enough to attend...

Sept 4 - Diplo & MGMT?
Sept 6 - Apes & Androids, JDH & Dave P
Sept 8 - James Murphy
Sept 9 - The Rapture DJs
Sept 12 - Trevor Jackson & Ch√Ęteau Flight
Sept 13 - Yeasayer & No Age

For 10 days the rooftop, located on 10th Avenue and 36th street, will be a
perfect end of summer hang-out. High above the Hudson River, the MINI Rooftop
will feature a daytime wellness area and an open creative space. The
daily events include a "Morning Sanctuary" (Yoga and Pilates in the open),
"Studio Sessions" for talks and a nightly "Lounge and Celebration" Party. The
not to be missed opening and closing parties are in collaboration with Dazed and
Confused and V magazines. The location is built by Matthias Hollwich and Marc
Kushner aka HWKN, an architecture firm focusing on the creation of innovative
and responsible manmade environments. Apart from the Rooftop itself, The MINI
Space website will be the other spot to see what's going on up there. Videos and
report backs will be regularly uploaded. It will also be the way to sign up for
special events and parties. If you want to be a part of this event, make sure
you sign
to stay on top of what's going down. Or up!

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