Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Veils at Union Hall 6-8-07

Finn Andrews
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I left for Union Hall armed with a water bottle filled with vodka, my girlfriend and about two hours sleep for the last three nights. I had to convince myself to go to this show. By the first Veils song, I was thankful that I chose music over sleep.

Due to complications at work we entered as the Phoenix Foundation was playing their last song. It was evident from that song that I should have arrived earlier. One of the initial things I noticed was all the people wearing Fin Andrews’ type hats. I was beyond excited.

About a half an hour later, the singer of the Phoenix Foundation announced the Veils. As the first notes echoed, I began bouncing about. I did not stop until the last song ended. From “Under the Folding Branches” to “Calliope!” and especially “Jesus for the Jugular” it was obvious that the band had come to New York City to make a name for themselves. Singer Fin Andrews’s distinct voice was rough and rugged and the physical (I mean, his style of singing must hurt!)and emotional pain that he shared with the audience was apparent.

Unfortunately, the second half of the show was not quite as powerful as the first. Either the band became disconnected, or I became tired. I forced myself to keep moving (even through their bad choice of a lone Fin with an acoustic guitar as an encore) but ultimately came away extremely happy. The songs are crafted so well that you have to ignore the negative, like a pole obstructing your view (Union Hall is great, but for some reason I always get stuck behind that pole!) or the bands musicianship.

As the album continues to be in heavy rotation on my ipod, I wonder how this band isn’t bigger.

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